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Happy Halloween! lol

I'll bet living in a nudist colony takes all the fun out of Halloween. ~Author Unknown
What an awesome community.
I would like to share this funny quote from a song.

Digitial Underground - The Humpty Dance

"I like to rhyme, I like my beats funky
I'm spunky I like my Oatmeal lumpy
I'm sick wit dis straight gangsta mack
but sometimes I get ridiculous
I'll eat up all yo candy and yo licorice
a yo fat girl come here, r u ticklish?
yeah I called u fat! but look at me I'm skinny
that never stopped me form getting busy
I'm a freak, I like the girls with the boom,
I once got busy in a burgar king bathroom"

probably the best song I've ever heard. nothing less than genius.
a quote said to me by one of my friends...

"SSSHHHH!! Wait until we're in the car to be ghetto!"

You could always make me laugh out loud

"[Pitt] raised his hand as a signal to Giordino to start the outboard motor. Three heartbeats slowed and then suddenly increased as Giordino pulled on the starter rop, ten, twenty, thirty times without success.

Giordino paused, massaged his tiring arm, stared menacingly at the ancient motor and began talking to it. "You don't start on the next pull, I will attack and unnecessarily mutilate every bolt in your crankcase." Then he took a firm grip on the pull handle and gave a mighty heave. The motor snorted and its exhaust puffed a few moments before settling down to a steady snarl. Giordino wipe the sweat from his face and looked pleased. :One more manifestation of Giordino's law," he said catching his breath.  "Deep down every mechanical contrivance has a fear of being scrapped."

From Clive Cussler's Shockwave (A Dirk Pitt Adventure)

(((It made me laugh hysterically, because I've done this so many times)))
My mom sent this to me with the subject "Child's Last Day on Earth." I would have to agree!

Cut for your pleasureCollapse )

snakes On A Plane

"SNAKES ON A MUTHA FUCKIN PLANE!!!" - groove snakes....

Has anyone seen this little parody for the new movie Snakes On A Plane???? It's amazing, check it out...